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Wealth Management

Services for Insurance, Trusts and More

Managing your wealth is crucial for helping you achieve your financial goals and the lifestyle you want in retirement. Getting on the right track requires a plan. The wealth management professionals at TSB Bank are here to help with your insurance and trust needs. It’s just one more way we work to ensure you have the financial support you need to live the way you want.

Michelle Geisen
"To me, customer service means caring for our customers’ needs in a timely, accurate, friendly, and professional manner.  It also means making every customer feel important and giving them the assurance that their financial needs will be taken care of in a confidential manner."
Michelle Geisen, TSB Customer Service Representative



Insurance products and services are offered through the Boyken Insurance Agency and are available for all needs: home, auto, business, farm, life and much more. Get in touch with Boyken Insurance Agency to see how their insurance products match your life.

Trust Services

Thinking about how your family, business or farm will continue after you are gone can keep you up at night. Trust services from TSB Bank help ensure a plan is in place to keep your family, business or farm solvent. Learn more about Trust Services at TSB Bank.

Identity Theft 911

Do you feel like identity theft is unavoidable, or are you worried about who will be there to help if you are a victim of identity theft? Our Identity Theft 911 services not only monitors for fraudulent activity, but provides a helping hand if your identity has been compromised. See how Identity Theft 911 could benefit you.

Identity Theft Prevention

Are you doing everything you should be to avoid being a victim of identity theft? Proper prevention starts with you, so be sure to read through and try these identity theft prevention tips from TSB Bank.