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Identity Theft Tips

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Prevent Identity Theft with These Tips

Preventing identity theft starts with you. Daily habits can make the difference between being a soft target and making things hard for criminals. Try these identity theft prevention tips to keep yourself and your family members safe from identity theft.

Identity Theft Tips

Our promise to you: we will never contact you via phone or email asking for personal or account information. Most of all, use common sense. If something seems suspicious or too good to be true, it probably is.

  1. If you don't initiate the call, never give out your personal information over the phone.
  2. Shred financial solicitations and financial statements before disposing of them.
  3. Always sign the backs of your debit and credit cards.
  4. Don't carry your Social Security Card with you!
  5. When creating passwords or pass codes, avoid using obvious numerical sequences (for example 1234), your birth date, your Social Security number, or your mother's maiden name.
  6. Each year request a free credit report at or by calling (877)322-8228.  Reviewing your report can help detect fraud.
  7. If you fall victim to Identity Theft, please contact us.  Our trained staff can help you with our Identity Theft 911 assistance program - a free benefit we provide to our customers.
  8. Notify us of suspicious telephone inquiries such as someone asking for account information, to "verify a statement" or "award a prize."
  9. Women:  When eating out, never leave your purse unattended or hanging over the back of your chair.
  10. Prevent the theft of your mail.  Don't allow incoming mail to accumulate in your mail box.  Retrieve it promptly.
  11. Shred all unsolicited credit card offers.
  12. Protect your debit card as if it were cash.  Don't write your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your card or give the number out to anyone.
  13. Before traveling, record your credit card numbers and the telephone numbers for reporting lost or stolen cards.  Keep the information in a safe place away from your wallet.
  14. When using your debit card at an ATM machine or Point of Sale location, shield the keypad and make sure no one watches you type in your PIN number.

Contact Us with Any Questions

You can contact TSB Bank to learn more about how you can protect yourself from identity theft.