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When planning your finances, it is best to know exact numbers as much as possible. With TSB Bank’s Financial Calculators, you can see where your finances are at, what you need to do to reach a goal or how much you may have to pay. From mortgages and investments to retirement and monthly savings goals, our Financial Calculators cover nearly every aspect of your finances. Use them today to plan your way to a better financial future.


There are numerous factors that go into the success of your long-term investments: capital, rate of return, taxes, inflation and time. Our Investment Calculator helps you sort through these factors to predict your bottom line


Do you know how much money you will need to live retirement on your terms? Our Retirement Calculator can help you find your “magic number.”


If you need to know your monthly loan payment or want to see how large of a loan you’ll need, our Loan Calculator can help.

Education Planning

The cost of education is not getting any lower, which means the sooner you start planning and saving the better. This Education Planning Calculator shows you if your current contributions will be enough or if you need to make changes.


See what your monthly payments will be for your mortgage, as well as interest payments and an amortization schedule. Our Mortgage Calculator can also determine the impact of any prepayments you made on the principal.

Rent or Buy

Should you rent a home or should you buy a home? Making the right decision can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Our Rent or Buy Calculator helps make the decision easier.

Early Mortgage Payoff

Mortgage interest can cost you thousands over the life of your mortgage, so why not pay it off faster? Our Early Mortgage Payoff Calculator shows you how much time and money you will save by making an extra mortgage payment every month.

Credit Card Payoff

Falling behind on credit card payments does not have to be the norm. Get back on the path to no credit card debt with this Credit Card Payoff Calculator. It will show you what you need to pay each month to reach a balance of zero on your credit card.

College Savings

A college education gives your child more opportunities throughout life. See how much you need to save each month to help pay for their college education with our College Savings Calculator.

Monthly Savings

A new car, a vacation or your emergency fund: we all have things we are saving for. With our Monthly Savings calculator you can see what you will need to save each month to hit your goal.

Car Affordability

How expensive of a car can you afford? By using our Car Affordability Calculator you can see the highest cost vehicle you can afford based on your desired monthly payment, down payment and trade-in value of your current vehicle.

Retirement Longevity

One of the largest fears among retirees is outliving the money they have saved. With our Retirement Longevity Calculator you can see how you stand with what you plan to have for retirement.

Future Value

The future is never easy to predict, but it always pays to see what current investments could be worth down the road. Our Future Value Calculator shows what your current investments will be using time, present value, interest rate and compounding period.

Loan Affordability

Getting too large of a loan can leave you scrambling to make payments every month. Our Loan Affordability gives you a better idea of how large a loan you can afford.

Mortgage Qualification

There are a variety of factors lenders use to see if you qualify for a mortgage. This Mortgage Qualification Calculator uses all of these factors -- income, expenses, etc. -- to show you how large of a mortgage you might qualify for.

Loan Consolidation

If you have multiple loans you are paying off, loan consolidation might be the best for you. Our Loan Consolidation Calculator uses your current loan information to show you if loan consolidation is the best choice for you or if it would end up costing you more over time.