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At TTSB Bank we believe that your private information should stay private. That is why we offer you Enhanced Login Security features for Online Banking to further protect you. Enhanced Login Security is a critical feature due to the growing number of identity theft victims.

This superior security technology protects your accounts from unauthorized access. When you select to use this feature you will set up an answer to a challenge question and, if you are on your home computer, you can enroll that computer right away.

The challenge question you set up will be used to access your account if you are signing on to a public computer or some other non enrolled machine. The answer is not case sensitive. As an added feature you will be able to use the challenge question to reset a forgotten password.

When you enroll a computer, a secure cookie is placed on that machine. After that, anytime you log onto Online Banking the secure cookie validates your customer number and password and will log you in without any further challenges. Because of that, you should only enroll a personal machine and never enroll any public machines. Deleting this cookie will remove that machine from your enrolled list. You can easily re-enroll a machine through the user options page once you’ve logged into Online Banking.

Another security feature that we’re proud to announce is the Alternate User ID. This allows you to assign yourself a new User ID to replace your customer number as a means to sign onto Online Banking. This can be set up from the user options page once you’ve logged onto Online Banking. If you have not yet signed up for the Alternate User ID, we would recommend that you look into using it.