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Fee Schedule

Fees for all Accounts and Transactions

Certain services and transactions at TSB Bank come with small fees. You will find all fees associated with accounts, transactions and other services in our Fee Schedule.

Account Closed Within 90 Days of Opening- $25.00

ACH Deposit Acknowledgement Receipt- $10.00

ACH Origination Fee – $2.00/item ($10.00 setup fee)

Account Research- $25.00 per hour

Account Balancing Assistance- $25.00 per hour

Automatic Transfer of Funds (Sweep)- $2.00 per transaction

Automatic Transfer of Funds with Special Handling- $5.00 per transaction

Cashiers Check: Customer- $10.00

Cashiers Check: Non-Customer- $15.00

Charge Off Negative Balance Account- $30.00

Check Cashing: Customer- Free

Non-Customer not on TSB- $15.00 per check

Check Image for Proof of Payment- Free

Check orders and deposits- Varies with style and quantity

Coin Counting: Customer- Free

Coin Counting: Non-Customer- 5% of total ($2.00 minimum)

Collection Items- $10.00

Debit Card- Varies with Account

Debit Card Replacement- $10.00

Debit Card Temporary Block – $10.00 (Free through Shazam BOLT$ app)

Lost/Stolen Debit Card- $25.00 minimum

Dormant Account Fee- $5.00 per year

Encoded Checks- $0.25 per check

Fax Transmissions: Outgoing- $1.00 per page

Fax Transmissions: Incoming- $1.00 per page

Foreign Currency- Varies by Amount

Garnishments and Tax Levies- $25.00 each

Gift Cards- $5.00 each

IRA Transfer Out – $25.00

Mobile Check Deposit (Consumer) – Free

Mobile Check Deposit (Business) – $1.00/item

Money Order (Personal)- $5.00

Notary Service: Customers- FREE

Notary Service: Non-Customer- $5.00 per Item

Offline Bill Paying- $5.00 per transaction

Online Bill Paying- See the Electronic Disclosure

Photocopies- $0.25 per page

Property Tax Payment- $5.00 plus $2.00 per receipt 

Return Deposit Charge- $5.00 per item

Safe Deposit Boxes: FDIC Does Not Insure Safe Deposit Contents; Annual Rental Fee- Varies by Size and Location

  • Late Payment Fee (30 Days)- $10.00
  • Lost Key Charge- $25.00
  • Lock Drilling Charge- $300.00 minimum

Special Statement Fee – $1.00

Stop Payment- $28.00 per item

Undeliverable Mail- $10.00

Wire Transfers:

  • Incoming (Customer)- FREE
  • Incoming (Non-Customer)- $20.00 each
  • Outgoing Domestic (Customer)- $20.00 each
  • Outgoing International (Customer)- $50.00 each
  • Fax notification of incoming wire receipt- $5.00 per wire
  • International Wire Recall – $25.00