What are CDs?

Save easier with a CD or the CDARS Program at TSB Bank

CDs, short for certificates of deposit, are deposits of money that grow at a certain rate for a specified period of time. The longer the growth term, the more interest they accrue. The best part about CDs is they are FDIC protected up to the maximum amount, so you won’t lose out on a return like you can with other investments.

Saving for the future can be risky. Returns on investments are guaranteed and can even lose value. If only there were safer ways to save. Fortunately, there are: CDs and the CDARS program at TSB Bank.

CD Options
There are a variety of CDs to choose from at TSB Bank based on your needs:






Rates are guaranteed for the life of the CD, and penalties are assessed for early withdrawal of funds. Please contact TSB Bank in Titonka, Forest City or Thompson with any other questions regarding CDs.

What is the CDARS program?

CDARS stands for Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service. It is a program that allows for easier and more secure management of deposits over $250,000. And, just like CDs, they enjoy the full benefits of FDIC insurance for safe growth over their term.

For more information about the CDARS program, please contact your nearest TSB Bank location in Titonka, Forest City or Thompson.

What Will My Investment Be Worth in the Future?

This calculator computes what an amount invested today will be worth at some point in the future.

How IRAs Work

Traditional, Roth and SEP IRAs to help you save for retirement.

Your IRA is funded by contributions you make, either automatically or manually. Depending on your interest rate and market conditions, compound interest helps your IRA grow, hopefully to the point that you have enough money to fund your retirement.

Saving for retirement can seem intimidating. How do you know how much you will need to live the way you want? And how are you supposed to save that much money? Thankfully, saving for retirement does not have to be that hard. With an individual retirement account, or IRA, from TSB Bank you can save what you need to live comfortably in retirement.

IRA Options
TSB Bank offers multiple IRA options for you to choose from:







Coverdell Education

There are differences in how each IRA is taxed and how and when withdrawals can be made. Please consult your tax advisor for tax and withdrawal-related questions.

Open an IRA Today at TSB Bank

Opening an IRA is as easy as coming by a TSB Bank office in Titonka, Forest City or Thompson and asking a staff member for assistance.
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