Favorite family traditions typically take place in a home. You might celebrate birthdays, holidays, anniversaries around the dinner table. You might play catch in the yard or even plant a garden. For many people, owning a home is an exciting chapter in their lives. This excitement can sometimes be overshadowed by the daunting paperwork that comes with being a homeowner. Successful homeowners will tell you, having homeowner’s insurance is a crucial part of enjoying your home worry-free. There are benefits to owning a home such as dwelling protection, other structures protection, and personal property protection.

Dwelling Protection 

Homeowner insurance covers the structure of your home, meaning the roof, floor, walls, and foundation, in the event of theft, fire, or natural disasters. While every homeowner hopes these events steer clear of their house, according to insurance.com, “more than seven million American homes were damaged by hail in 2019.” This proves that all homeowners need protection from natural disasters such as hail, wind, and ice. If you are lucky enough to live in an area without these unpredictable storms, you could still be subject to fires. According to the insurance information institute, in 2018 there were over 387,000 reported house fires in the US. While you hope everyone gets out safely, your next call will be to your insurance agent. Aside from the structure of the home, homeowner insurance covers much more. 

Other Structures Protection 

Driving around your neighborhood you might see multiple structures, like tool sheds, fences, and detached garages on a house lot. Homeowners insurance can cover these other structures in the same way it covers your home. This is especially important for fences susceptible to damage from high winds. While you may not have other structures needing protection right now, you never know if you will add something to your lot later on in life. It is best to have protection both outside and inside your home. 

Personal Property Protection 

According to usahello.org, consumerism is an American value. If we value our material possessions, we want to protect them in every way possible. Homeowner insurance can protect your personal belongings in the event of damage or theft. While no one anticipates this happening when they purchase the newest gaming system or the expensive anniversary pendant, it is always a possibility. High Security Home reports there is one burglary in the US every 13 seconds. By purchasing extended coverage you can be sure to protect your most valuable assets. 

Dwelling protection, other structures protection, and personal property protection are the top three benefits of homeowner’s insurance. Other benefits may include personal liability coverage, guest medical protection, and/or additional living expenses coverage. By purchasing homeowner’s insurance, you are guaranteeing worry-free memories for your family for years to come. 


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