Fall is known for beautiful foliage, comfortable weather, and harvest time. This is a busy time for farmers, and it is critical to take measures to avoid accidents. Below is a compiled list of tips to ensure your family gets through harvest safely. 

Be Organized

Creating a list of what needs to happen in order to maintain equipment can save time and avoid accidents in the future. A shared list for your family and/or employees will make sure everyone understands their responsibilities and no crucial steps are missed. 

Take Care of Yourself

Although it may be appealing to work long hours to get the job done, it is important to take breaks, eat well, and get rest. Get out and stretch to wake up and avoid any tension in your muscles. Keep snacks high in protein on hand, like nuts and jerky, to maintain energy. In the evening, get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep to avoid fatigue. 

Properly Train Kids and Adults

Many farmers have been harvesting for so long it is now second nature, but that is not always the case for those working alongside them. To avoid accidents and wasting time in the future, take time to properly train both kids and adults at the beginning of the season. Remember that kids/young workers haven’t had as much experience as you and the other adult staff and therefore may make mistakes or forget steps. For this population especially, explain the possible consequences of mistakes when on a farm. 

Turn Machines Off

Clogs happen. Whenever you get out to assess a machine, turn it off first. This avoids putting yourself in danger even if you think it can be avoided. 

Be Aware On Roads

Whether you are in a rural area or a heavily populated area, be aware on the road. With the amount of distracted driving on the road today, be cautious and responsible for your own safety while on public roads. Not all drivers have an awareness of farm equipment. 

Harvest season is both exciting and potentially dangerous. Taking as many safety precautions is worthwhile if it avoids even one accident. Check out Farm Progress and Rural Mutual for more about these and other harvest tips to keep you and your family safe this fall.

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