A lot has changed over the years, in the ways childhood days are spent, but summer jobs and making a little cash hasn’t changed that much.

The tried-and-true lemonade stand is a great way for younger kids to make a little money, and it’s relatively simple for mom and dad, too. Setting up a folding table at the end of your driveway, selling cold drinks to your neighbors is great fun! (The lemonade will probably run out about the same time your kids’ attention span does, too!)

Mowing lawns and pet sitting are great services to offer to friends and family, as well. Upper grade-school to middle school kids can make some decent money during the summer. There are certainly some responsibilities involved here so make sure your child understands what is expected of them, and make sure they are mature enough to handle their required duties. Walking a puppy is great fun! Picking up after them is not as fun, but very important.

Babysitting can be a great source of income, especially in the summer. Bike rides to the pool or park, playing outside, and participating in local activities can keep the sitter entertained as well as the kids in their charge.

Simple crafts or jewelry can be made and sold at a folding table in the front yard, too! This usually requires a little more cost to the parents in supplies, but earning money for something you’ve made is a great source of satisfaction. If your kids are old enough to understand, this is a great teaching moment when you explain how to charge enough money for an item to cover the cost of the supplies needed to make it.

Doing certain household chores without pay should be a part of every child’s life, to teach responsibility. Everyone living in the home should contribute to the daily upkeep in some fashion. Picking up toys might be a regular daily or weekly chore, but maybe sorting old toys for a garage sale or giving to a charity might earn them a little extra cash. If you’re having a garage sale, have your kids help with the setup, and let them keep the cash from their old toys or clothes. If they put in some of the work a garage sale takes, they certainly have earned a little in return.

If your kids are old enough for a summer job, when they get those first real paychecks, it’s exciting to spend some of that hard-earned money! It’s also a great time to help them open their first savings or checking account. Talk to one of our bankers about our student accounts.

Summer jobs can also open the door to having a conversation with your kids about making money, spending habits, and saving up for future purchases. Keep the conversation age-appropriate, but help your child understand about working for what they want, and saving for future wants and needs. Making a little money in the summer can be great fun and educational for your kids. Make sure they have adequate supervision, keep them mindful of health and safety issues, but most of all, have fun!

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