You might already spend hours listening to music when you are working the fields and tending to cattle, but what about podcasts? We live in the technology age which means there is some pretty great content to listen to while working that might even teach you a thing or two. Here are some of the best farming podcasts if you are looking for somewhere to start listening or for more material to listen to!

Farmer to Farmer

Hosted by the late Chris Blanchard who brought 25 years of farming experience to listeners. Side note he was a northeast Iowa native! All the episodes (176 in total) are still available through the website and iTunes. They run for about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes for each episode.

Young Farmers Podcast

Produced by the National Young Farmers Coalition. This podcast covers politics, food, and farm policy affecting farmers today. Their short and to the point podcast episodes are educational, informative, and can be listened to on iTunes. 

Shark Farmer

Hosted by Rob Sharkey, an Illinois grain farmer. This might be the funniest and most entertaining farming podcast you will find and it is published weekly. His podcast can be listened to on SiriusXM channel 147, their website, iTunes, and Spotify. With 194 episodes and counting, I’m sure you will find one that speaks to you!


Produced by Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman. This dynamic duo has created tons of content and provided loads of information about the farming industry for years. To find their business-oriented content head over to their website!

The Urban Farm

Hosted by Greg Peterson twice weekly. This podcast covers an extremely wide variety of topics such as beekeeping, bartering, composting, backyard chicken farming, plant breeding, and so much more. All of which are linked to their website or on iTunes. If you are more of a reader they do have a blog page with so. much. content. Also let me say that their website is super user-friendly in that you can search by title, guest names or topics of what you want to listen to! Big fan!

The Ruminant

Hosted by Jordan Marr in Canada. This podcast is accompanied by its photo-based blog on its website each week. It mostly focuses on gardening for small-scale farmers. With over 100 episodes available on their website and iTunes, I’m sure you can find something of interest there! Episode length varies depending on the topic but ranges from 15 minutes to an hour-long.


Hosted by Shaun Haney who is from our neighbor to the north, Canada. Although this podcast is not U.S. based, they provide some very valuable content. Listen to them on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, or their website! If you are looking for a specific farming-related topic you can search through on their site. Each episode is about 55 minutes long.

If you already listen to all of the podcasts above, you are a superstar! But that means you are probably still looking for different podcasts so you should check out, “Ten Great Farming Podcasts to Listen to Nowfrom Modern Farmer. 

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