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Stepping UpHelping Community Organizations Succeed

As a community bank serving Titonka, Forest City and Thompson, our role is to help our communities and the people and organizations within them, succeed. Steppin’ Up is our way of helping local organizations raise funds, whether through direct donations or philanthropic events.

Details of Steppin’ Up

The Steppin’ Up program was started in 2007 by bank employees as a way to give back to our communities in fun ways. The trademark of Steppin’ Up is our hi-top green Converse shoes that we wear for special occasions we are a part of. Our shoes are a symbol of our desire to “step up” for our communities and to show our “sole” for our commitment to help others.

Through sponsoring events, holding bake sales or being parts of other fundraising activities we have helped numerous groups and organizations in our communities pursue their missions, including:

  • Hospice of North Iowa- TSB Bank raised $12,000 in 2007 through sponsoring the organizations annual golf tournament, hosting bake sales and holding “Jeans Days” for donations.
  • Area middle schools- in 2008 we were able to raise hundreds of dollars in cash and more in much needed school supplies for our local middle schools.
  • Local swimming pools- bake sales, pool parties, Jeans Days and root beer float days helped us raise $4,700.
  • Community Ambulance Services- we helped raise nearly $4,000 for ambulance services in the communities we serve.
  • We have also helped our local fire departments, libraries and other beneficial organizations.

Learn More about Steppin’ Up

You can contact or come by your nearest TSB Bank office in TitonkaForest City or Thompson to learn more about Steppin’ Up and our current fundraising goals. Have a project or cause you’d like us to consider sponsoring? Contact Us and see how we might be able to help. Due to the number of requests we receive, we will be unable to fulfill all submissions.