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Account Closed Within 90 Days of Opening
Additional/Replacement Image Binder
ACH Deposit Acknowledgement Receipt
Account Research
$20.00 per hour/ $10.00 minimum
Account Balancing Assistance

$20.00 per hour/
$10.00 minimum

Automatic Transfer of Funds - Sweep
$2.00 per transaction
Automatic Transfer of Funds with Special Handling
$5.00 per transaction
Bond Coupon Redemption
$20.00 per envelope
Cashiers Check: Customer
Cashiers Check: Non-Customer
Charge Off Negative Balance Account
Check Cashing: Customer
Non-Customer not on TSB
$10.00 per check
Check Image for Proof of Payment
Check orders and deposits
Varies with style and quantity
Coin Counting: Customer
Coin Counting: Non-Customer
5% of total ($2.00 minimum)
Collection Items
Credit Card: Visa or Mastercard
$12.00 per year
Varies with Account
Debit Card Replacement
Lost/Stolen Debit Card
$20.00 minimum
Dormant Account Fee
$5.00 per year
Encoded Checks
$0.20 per check
Fax Transmissions: Outgoing
$1.00 per page
Fax Transmissions: Incoming
$1.00 per page
Foreign Currency
Varies by Amount
Garnishments and Tax Levies
$25.00 each
Gift Cards
$4.00 each
MICR Reject Processing Fee
$2.00 per Item
Money Order - Personal
Mortgage Amortization Schedule
$10.00 per schedule
Notary Service: Customers
Notary Service: Non-Customer
$2.00 per Item
Offline Bill Paying
$5.00 per transaction
See the Electronic Disclosure
$0.25 per page
Property Tax Payment through 11/30/2011
$2.00 plus $0.50 per receipt
Property Tax Payment beginning 12/1/2011
$5.00 plus $1.00 per receipt
Return Deposit Charge through 11/30/2011
$2.00 per item
Return Deposit Charge beginning 12/1/2011
$4.00 per item

Safe Deposit Boxes:
FDIC Does Not Insure Safe Deposit Contents

 Annual Rental Fee
Varies by Size and Location
Late Payment Fee (30 Days)
Lost Key Charge$20.00
Lock Drilling Charge
Stop Payment
$25.00 per item
Undeliverable Mail
Wire Transfers:
 Incoming (Customer)
Incoming (Non-Customer)
$20.00 each
Outgoing Domestic (Customer)
$15.00 each
Outgoing Domestic (Non-Customer)
$20.00 each
Outgoing International (Customer)
$45.00 each
Outgoing International (Non-Customer)
$60.00 each
Fax notification of incoming wire receipt
$5.00 per wire