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Financial Conversations with Fitz #113 - Proud to be an American - 07/03/2012

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The sun was out for the weekend.  I think the corn is doing quite well considering the shortage of moisture.  Late beans could use some quick moisture.  Corn will probably start tasseling shortly.    Degree days are over  1113  in Kanawha.  We are ahead of last year..     Wow!  The corn and bean market went crazy last week.  The DOW sounds like it will open with an upward note to follow Fridays climb,  depends on which news service you read.  Had a great weekend for Relay for Life.  A bit warm for walking but all had a good time.

I want to switch gears for this week being it is the 4th of July.   “Proud to be an American” like the song says.  I am proud to be from North Iowa and an American.  Going to parades in Buffalo Center, Crystal Lake and  Clear Lake this week.    Had a nice patriotic parade in Des Moines this weekend.  Will see lots of political candidates this week   We might get carried away once in a while with the different views.   The nice thing about it is there didn’t need to be a machine gun or armoured cars driving in front of the candidates.   We need to remember that the next time we want to agree with someone downgrading our American system.     It is good to see the Vietnam vets being shown in parades.   Sort of a forgotten group.  I thought the crowd really responded well to the groups.  North Iowa was well represented with different commercial and groups.   

Another  event that I enjoy for evening of the 4th is the Fourth at the Capital on IPBN.    An amazing group of all ages having a good time with another million people enjoying the entertainment.   The thing that again is impressive is that large number of people having a good time saluting our country.  We need to remember this in our own area as we salute our own firemen, ambulance and law enforcement people.   They were certainly on display quietly keeping the traffic moving and helping out the out of place in the middle of a busy intersection.   

One thing I always enjoy in a parade is the  countless number of volunteers helping represent their group.   Will see that a lot in the next couple of weeks with community events.   Our parade schedule starts this weekend.   If you haven’t been a volunteer yet this year be sure to help with some group before the year is over.  You will certainly help out someone and you will feel much better for it.  Lots of activities coming up in the next two months that will need your help.     Be sure to check out the events.   TSB will be there with our Green Tennis Shoes. 
I hope you enjoy  your week of the 4th and take  time to celebrate with your family and friends close to home in thanksgiving for the great country we live in.

Questions call TSB at Forest City, Thompson, and Titonka 

Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations that when they put something together for you that they will be sitting with them at ball games, church or community events.  So, if in doubt give us a call.