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Bank President's Statement About Recovery Efforts and the Titonka ATM - 07/03/2012


TSB Bank continues to make strides in the road to recovery from the disastrous fire that occurred at its Titonka Office location on Sunday Morning, April 15th.

Effective Tuesday, July 3rd, a new drive-up ATM machine has been installed and is operational.  This is located at the east end of our current Titonka location, between our modular banking facility and the alley.  This new drive-up ATM machine will again make 24 hour banking via an ATM machine available to the Titonka Area Community.  Our long range plan will be to move the ATM machine and incorporate it into our new banking office in Titonka once that has been constructed.
We want to thank our customers for their patience during this time while the community has not had ATM service.  Hopefully, our new drive-up ATM will provide even more convenience to our customers and the community than the walk up ATM we had previously.

This week, we have also improved our current banking location by laying down a double seal-coat on the parking area of our present location and this should make our current location more accessible during periods of inclement weather.
The safe-deposit boxes were moved without incident to a secure location during the day on May 2.    Since that time, our customers have been able to access their safe deposit boxes.

As I write this, we now also have the debris from the north 2/3 of our building hauled away which represents a big improvement.  We are now in the process of working to demolish the south 1/3 of our building as well.  In addition, we have purchased the former Middle of Main building and have put that to good use to store and sort through items we were able to recover from the fire scene.  That process is now almost complete and we intend to also demolish that building to make way for our new banking office.

We are working with our contractor on plans to replace our banking facility in Titonka.  We started out by making a list of what we might need in a new facility and also what we wanted in a new facility.  That list has generated an initial possible floor plan for our consideration.  We are now in the process of making some initial refinements in the proposed plan.  While we are anxious to get started with re-building, we want to do our best to “get it right” and we will be taking the necessary time with the initial design phases of the reconstruction process.

Please remember that while the Titonka Office of the Titonka Savings Bank is now located at its “more permanent temporary location” of 47 2nd Avenue NW in Titonka, Boyken Insurance Agency, Inc. is temporarily located in the south end of the Titonka Consolidated School building as the school has graciously provided us with the opportunity to rent a portion of their facility that is not currently being utilized by the school.

I want to again thank our entire banking and insurance staff for their support, long hours, and extra efforts they have put forth, working as a team, to make possible all that we have accomplished in matter of about 2 ½ months.

Also, we continue to cherish the support and prayers from our customers and from many others in our communities. 

Thank you.

Allan J. Boyken,