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Titonka Safe Deposit Box Announcement - 04/23/2012

Due to the recent fire, we will be moving the Titonka safe deposit boxes to a secure location as soon as we are able to gain access to the vault.  TSB has made arrangements with professional safe deposit movers to move the safe deposit boxes when access to the vault has been gained.

To ensure that all valuables are protected during the relocation process, an armed law enforcement officer will be present from the time the boxes are removed from the vault until the time they are placed in the secure location.  A representative from the building company and an officer of the bank will also be present at all times observing the move to ensure proper procedures are followed and that the box contents are safe throughout the move.

Once the safe deposit boxes are moved to the secure location, customers will be able to access their safe deposit box.  At the customers' discretion, the contents of a customer’s box may be moved by the customer to a box in either the Forest City or Thompson banking offices.

TSB would like to thank the safe deposit box customers for their patience, understanding, and support during this challenging time.