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TSB Bank Fire - Frequently Asked Questions

This page will change from time to time to reflect the current questions Bank staff are receiving and to update any answers that may be refined over time.

Q:  What if my titles and abstracts are in a safety deposit box in the vault?

A: The vault, and the safety deposit boxes inside the vault, survived the fire intact.  When debris is removed and we are able to gain access to the vault, we will remove the safety deposit boxes to a safe, secure location and provide everyone with notice as to how you can retrieve your items from your safety deposit box should you desire to do so.

Update:  Titonka Safe Deposit Box Announcement - 05/04/2012

Update:  Titonka Safe Deposit Box Announcement - 04/23/2012

Q:  Will my direct deposit still come to the bank?

A: Yes.  Our general banking systems, including the ability to receive and credit direct deposits, are fully operational.

Q: Will the Titonka office continue to operate out of the Titonka Community Center until a new permanent Titonka office building is rebuilt?

A:  No.  We are working on installing a double-wide mobile banking office in Titonka that will provide a more appropriate and secure temporary banking office during the reconstruction time period.  We expect to have the mobile banking office installed and operational sometime during the week of April 23, 2012.

Update:  Bank President's Statement - 04/28/2012

Q: Can I make an after-hours deposit in Titonka?

A: TSB Bank's night depositories in Forest City and Thompson are available for those who need to make after hours deposits, and we are investigating the feasibility of providing a new night depository solution at the Titonka mobile banking office.  If you are not able to travel to Forest City or Thompson to use those facilities for after hours deposits, please ask our Titonka personnel for other options that may exist for your after hours deposit needs.

Update:  Effective 4/30/12, the mobile banking office located at 47 2nd Ave NW in Titonka has a night depository available for after hours deposits.

Q: Is Dial-A-Bank available?

As of the morning of April 18, Dial-A-Bank is once again available at the 515-928-2442 and the 877-813-2442 numbers.  The local numbers for Forest City and Thompson are unavailable at this time.

Update - 4/28/2012 - The Forest City local Dial-A-Bank number, 641-585-1442, is available.

Update - 6/12/2012 - The Thompson local Dial-A-Bank number, 641-584-2140, is available.

Q: Is Online Banking Available? 

Online Banking has been available since the event, but balances were unable to be updated until the morning of April 18, and at that time balances and transactions from Monday and Tuesday were sent to Online Banking.

Online Banking transfers for Monday and Tuesday, April 16 and 17, were unable to be picked up until Wednesday April 18.  Those transactions were posted to the core system, but TSB staff placed a call to each customer that had such a transfer to confirm that they still needed the transfer done.  Beginning April 18, transfers will be processed as normal.

Online Bill Payment transactions are handled by an offsite third party vendor.  That vendor handled all scheduled payments before and after the fire as normal.

Q: Is the Titonka Office available by telephone?

The Titonka Office's main number, 515-928-2142, has been available since 4/16/2012 on a limited basis.  This limited the capability of Bank staff to transfer calls from the main line into the internal phone system. As of 4/28/2012, the Titonka Office's main lines are 100% functional.

The direct lines for officers in Titonka were not available until 4/28/2012, but they are now.