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Financial Conversations with Fitz #83 - Several Important Items - 11/05/2010

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I noticed in my previous comments from last year at this time…. We were just getting a good start on the corn crop.    What a difference a great weather crop season.  Traveled a bit over the last week and just a few spotted fields left that are probably done by today.   Looks like grains will open up again this morning!!!!!    The DOW is still expected to open strong today, but the Japanese didn’t over nite.   Since we are done so early, maybe we could work on some drainage issues or washed out waterways this fall. 

Wow, November is here!!!!!!   Several things to visit about this week that are important.   Of course be sure you vote on Tuesday.   I will be glad with the end of quite a variance of phone calls and advertising.  Seems like the economy does have some money left in it for some things.   Billions spent????   Be sure to exercise your right to vote.   I voted on Saturday.   That worked out well.    We are still fortunate that we can still do our process without machine guns standing guard.   Probably a little feisty in a few areas, hopefully wiser minds can prevail as we head forward, no matter who gets the vote.

Another new thing for November is Low Income Home Energy Assistance for families in our area that don’t make enough or have a medical condition to warrant paying their utility bills.   In Algona check with 515-295-2531 or stop in at 117 East Call St at North Iowa Community Action.

Some great educational programs this week in the area that TSB is involved with.   ON Thursday morning we have Emerging Leaders Forum held at TSB Community Room at 7:30.   This is sponsored by FCED.   Have a panel to discuss Public Service Opportunities.    Then on Thursday evening we have Women Land & Legacy sponsoring a program “Land Values”.   Fred Greder is going to be the speaker.  Still have room for a few more.   Just call Winnebago extension or WGO or Worth Soil Conservation offices.  This is at Salem Lutheran Church in Lake Mills.   I will be facilitating this program.    Just what are the going land values in North Iowa or Southern Minnesota.  If this doesn’t fit your interest you can stop at TSB Community Room to visit about LandLord Issues with rental properties in town.   Deb Bullerman of  NIRHA is the speaker.   This is an interesting topic on finding rentals or being a landlord in NIRHA system.   I see a few more ‘For Rent’ signs this fall than I did last year.   It will be good for all landlords to see how to get involved in the NIRHA programs.

So you can see that things are busy in our area.   I will have to get on my green tennis shoes to cover the area!!!!!!!   Now that you are caught up, stop in to visit with us at TSB and review your crop year and fill us in on 2011.

Call or stop in to see us if you have any questions in any of our three offices