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Financial Conversations with Fitz #79 - Agrciulture's Contribution to Labor Day - 09/08/2010

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Crops are looking good, but a little inconsistent in spots. Did the Minnesota state fair. Jacket day since it was cool and windy. Why should a farm kid from Iowa get so excited about eating corn off the cob at the fair????? My grandson says….”Lets go get some corn grampa”….. Degree days are over 2486 in Kanawha. We are behind 100 at this point. About 76%. Talked to several farmers over the weekend….Not too worried about frost. The ear is really progressing….lot of black layer and some denting. Went for a walk past one of our fields and could sure hear the wind rattling the dry leaves on the ear. Pilot Knob is busy with the change of seasons….. Full moon on Sept 23rd. Grain Prices are volatile. Friday grain was wild. Grains were up overnight….Last week we were worried it was too wet….This week we are worried it is too dry. Rain could affect the beans more than the corn on final growth in the pods. The market doesn’t believe the total production and I don’t either..... Keep close track!!!!! Dow will probably open lower this morning taking some gains from last week increase.

Labor Day!!!!Good weekend…How was the Draft Horse Show? So when did this all start….Sept 1882 and switched to Monday in 1884. Neat tradition….Salute to our laborers that are still working. Unfortunately quite a change in employment prospects……..Education is the key….Impress upon your children to get good grades and stay in school. WE are switching from Manufacturing to Service and Tech. One area of labor we forget about that is right in front of us in the Ag Sector. We have 679 farms which farm 98% of the total land area in the state. Ag Sector provides 993 jobs in Winnebago Countyout of 6565 total jobs. That is 15% of the total work force. Total sales from ag in the county is $194.8 million, with crops providing about $124 million of that. We have sales/farm is $257K. Our total land area is 257,005 acres. Ag output is involved in 22.6 % of the county’s total industrial output. Right now the ag sector is always looking for more labor even tho it is getting much more efficient and technical. Good grain prices certainly are helping. There is always the need for more direct food production for farm to market. That is over $28 million in the state now. So the next time you visit with your farm neighbor tell him thank you for providing an important part of our economy.With fall here need to remind the manure people that you can still get your certification before the fields are cleared. Call your area extension office.

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