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Financial Conversations with Fitz #71 - Proud to be an American - 07/06/2010

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The sun is out…    I think the corn did turn green and grow a bunch this week.     Degree days are over  1069  in Kanawha.  We are ahead of last year by 29 ddg  About 30%.  Wow!!!!   The corn market went crazy when I was gone…..Now coming back to where it should be.

I want to switch gears for this week being it is the 4th of July.   “Proud to be an American” like the song says.  I am proud to be from North Iowa and an American.  It was a great time for me to spend two days at camp Ripley in Minnesota.   We may all have our thoughts and reasons for what we are doing in the middle east especially Afghanistan, but I tell you what, these young people that are going over there are not having any doubts.   They are working as earnestly and hard as anyone with a mission at their training camp.     I was so fortunate and blessed to be picked to go on the Boss’s Lift program by the National Guard for two days.   Our Chinook CH 47 Helicopter picked us up at the Mason City airport after two weather delays in southern Iowa.   It was really neat….we walked up the ramp in the back of the copter to join another dozen people from Fort Dodge, Algona, and Marshalltown.   Which by the way, their only closed the ramp part way.   You could see out the back and observe the terrain from our seat.   I was second from the end.  1 ? hour trip or more to Camp Ripley.   I was like a kid at the fair looking out the ramp and the small port hole window to observe the terrain.  Lots of water….It was fun trying to figure out which town we were over.   Took a route over Mankato and then up to St.  Cloud.  Ate with the soldiers for dinner and breakfast.   Were given MRE for the trip home…..Spent time at an artillery range watching the process of firing.   Had to wear flack jackets and helmets for this exercise.  The next morning we were out to the target range at 7:00 after breakfast with the troops at 6:00.  There were about 50 soldiers that had spent the night out there doing drills.   Visited with them as they showed us their equipment and duties.  The rest of that morning was spent watching re enactments of a village exercise and a road check.   They have actors from Afghanistan that play the parts of the villagers.  It gives the soldiers a chance to listen to someone that speaks their language.   After that they review as a company what they should do different.

Another great event was the Relay for Life on Friday night.  There were 19 teams with a goal of thousands.  TSB had their team out there.  Since there was a sports theme, we were a bowling team.   Lots of clever ideas for camping with tents, barns and going green themes.  Plenty of music and entertainment all night.  The Relay committee wrote a great script for the luminary ceremony.   It was fun to walk and talk.  We did a new time slot of 11 to 11:00. If you haven’t been on a team in the past try to join one next year.   It is lots of fun and all for a good cause.   

If you haven’t been a volunteer yet this year be sure to help with some group before the year is over.  You will certainly help out someone and you will feel much better for it.  Lots of activities coming up in the next two months that will need your help.  The big event this week of course is the Winnebago Fair in Thompson.   Be sure to check out the events.   The ambulance service is having two suppers before events.   One on Thursday and Saturday nights.   I will be up handing out food on Thursday night for them. 

We have a meeting in the morning at TSB tomorrow.   We are going to review what has happened to the Ground water hazard bill and all the new things for purchasing an acreage with a  septic system.  We have a great agenda at 8:00 in the morning at our TSB room in Forest City.    Recorders, realtors, bankers, county sanitations, certified testers and legislators will be in attendance.   Join us or call the bank for more information.

I hope you enjoyed  your week of the 4th and took  time to celebrate with your family and friends close to home in thanksgiving for the great country we live in.

Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations that when they put something together for you that they will be sitting with them at ball games, church or community events.  So, if in doubt give us a call.