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Financial Conversations with Fitz #70 - Farmers Market and Camp Ripley Guard Camp - 06/22/2010

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A nice morning.  Looks a bit wet for the week.   Mother Nature was certainly on a tear last Thursday night in our area.  How did you do in Algona.    Lots of wind for us.   Trees were pruned everywhere.  Crop wasn’t too bad.   Several calls to the insurance agency.  The soil temperatures back to 71 in Kanawha.   It looks like the grains will open up this morning with the wet week predicted and strong exports to China.   What a crazy week last week.  The DOW open will probably open higher.   Looks like the Chinese money is stabilizing.  There are so many variables affecting the arrows up or down.  Had a good picnic at our local coop on Friday night.   Also took in the Barnstormers at Mason City Airport.  Had an exciting open house at a new Scoopy Doos ice cream shop downtown.   Boy there goes my calories and carb diet!!!!

Want to recap a couple of things this morning…..Our Farmers Market from two weeks ago had some new figures…..The Economic Impact news from the state shows the overall impact is $71 million.  Customers spend about $17.12/visit.   Use has increased by 92% with 99,000 people visited at least once with the average person going about 11 times.   There is a neat article by Matthew Wilde in our regional Globe yesterday.   Try one this week.

The other exciting thing I want to tell you about is Paul is going to Camp Ripley for guard camp this week.   NO, this is not April Fools day again.   Remember when I visited with our radio audience sometime back about our largest deployment of IOWA National Guard since WWII.   Well the guard has invited me to join them for two days this week to be a soldier for two days.   So don’t panic, we are not down to women and children yet.  We will be picked up at 10:30 at the Mason City airport at 10:15 on Wednesday by a CH-47 Chinook helicopter.   Will get to camp about noon.   Will get our briefing and have lunch.   Then we will be transported to the field training areas and observe Iowa troops training for their mission in Afghanistan.  Will eat with the troops in the field for the evening meal.  Breakfast will be early morning on the 24th.   WE will head back out to other training areas and the noon meal will be MRE.   We then head back to Iowa in our Chinook.   I am so excited to have this opportunity.   Will also learn how we can communicate with our soldiers while they are in Afghanistan.   I will be reminding our audience about this several times during their deployment.   Maybe you can adopt a soldier if you don’t have a family member over there.  So will report back next week.

Lots of things coming up this week for our citizens in North Iowa with activities involving picnics or salad luncheons.   Don’t forget that there are lots of functions raising money for Relay For Life that is coming up on June 26th.   TSB has a team….There was  car wash in our parking lot on Saturday afternoon by the Forest EverREadies 4-H club that is for their Relay for Life team….They had a great turnout.  Kids were soaked and my car is clean.  After a wet week you will surely need your car washed….TSB is glad to help out the young people.

Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations that when they put something together for you that they will  be sitting with them at ball games, church or community events.  So, if in doubt give us a call.