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Debit Card


The TSB SHAZAMChek debit card replaces your personal checks in many instances and may be used anywhere Mastercard® is accepted. The money is electronically withdrawn from your account when a purchase or ATM withdrawal is made.
Debit or Credit-
What’s the Difference?
When your TSB SHAZAMChek debit card is used at a store that accepts either PIN-based or Mastercard® purchases the transaction can be processed as a debit or credit. If you say:
Debit – a PIN (personal identification number) is required and it is processed through the ATM network.
Credit – your signature is required and it is processed through the Mastercard® network.
Either way, the funds are taken directly from your checking account. You will not be billed.

MasterCard® SecureCode™ - SecureCode is a service that helps protect MasterCard card accounts against unauthorized Internet transactions by using identity information established between you and TSB.  Once you activate the service, your card cannont be used at a participation Internet merchant without authentication.

The overall objective of SecureCode is to improve the security of payment transactions in the electronic commerce environment.  It is designed to improve your confidence in Internet purchases, as well as reduce diputes and fraudulent activity related to the use of MasterCard payment cards.

MasterCard SecureCode

All TSB Bank debit cards are eligble for the MasterCard SecureCode program.  There have been some issues reported where the primary SecureCode server does not recognize a debit card number as a valid card.  We recommend registering for the program through Shazam's secure website:

Fraud Detection

For some time now, Titonka Savings Bank and SHAZAM have been working together to protect your debit card from fraud. In the past, you may have received a phone call from a SHAZAM Fraud Specialist to verify one of your transactions. Currently, those phone calls are made after the transaction has already occurred, in hopes of halting further fraudulent transactions.

In the near future, we will enhance this service to begin monitoring debit card transactions as they occur and declining those with the greatest likelihood of fraud. We believe that this will provide a new and valuable layer of protection to your account.

In the future if your debit card is declined at a merchant location, one of the reasons may be that it was flagged as highly likely to be fraud, based on the way you typically use your card. If your transaction is declined for that reason, you will receive a phone call from a SHAZAM Fraud Specialist to verify the transaction. If it was a legitimate transaction, the details will be made part of your card profile so that these types of transactions have a greater chance of being approved in the future.

Titonka Savings Bank values the trust you have placed with us, and we will continue to look for new ways to protect your debit card. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us anytime at 515-928-2142 or toll free at 1-800-920-2085.