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Financial Conversations with Fitz #62 - Earth Week - 04/26/2010

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Well, Spring is here.   The corn is pretty well in the ground in the immediate area.   What a great week of planting.   Ground temp is about 54 yesterday.   Nationally it is about 50%.   We hit that about May 10th last year.   Markets have been quite erratic as of late.  Friday was a bit crazy.  Wiped out several days of gains in a hurry.   Acres still seem to be up in the air also.   Now that planting has started maybe we will decide how much we are planting.   For today they will probably open down quite a bit.   So many factors other than the commodity itself effect what we the farmer get for it.  The DOW will probably open higher this morning because of the Caterpillar factor.   So it will probably be bouncing around this morning.   Had a great day at North Iowa Special Olympics on Thursday in Forest City.  Had to wear sun screen instead of a parka.    Had a nice group from Algona and surrounding area.   The athletes are great.  If you have never been to one, put it on your schedule for next year.  

A big week and weekend for Earth Day and Earth Week.   Our actual day was rained out in Forest City so will do some night this week.   Did you realize this started about 40 years ago?   April 22, 1970…..Did some reading to see where we have been.   Problems were more visible back then.  A river in Cleveland caught fire on the surface of the water because it was so filled with toxins and debris.   Remember the oil slicks off the coast of California.   I remember the stories of the smog in California….Now smog levels have dropped about a quarter, you can swim and fish in the river in Cleveland and see the mountains in California in the morning.   We were fortunate in North Iowa that we never reached that problem.   It is sort of amazing to clear the air of smog considering we have twice as many vehicles.   Historians say that was the biggest social change in America since the New Deal.   Innovation by business and individuals are what made this possible.   Today are biggest challenge is the unseen problems in the air.   According to Sam Atwood, spokesperson for Air quality in SE California says that the region still has 6000 premature deaths due to heart and lung problems.   WE still have our water quality problems in our area, although it is improving.   We Americans are innovative to the point if we put our minds to a problem we can fix it.   The farmers have improved their methods of fertilizer application.  This also has an economic effect for the producer.   I have changed my lawn fertilizer to less toxic.   Ask your supplier or lawn store about that.   So on your next walk take a plastic bag with you to pickup anything you see stuck to a bush or bouncing across the area.   That too can help.  Was at our local landfill on Friday to pick up some compost.   If you haven’t visited one near you, it is certainly an education how they are improving life in the quality of the area we live in.  So you can stay healthy twice…….exercise and improve the environment.    Enjoy your life in North Iowa this week!!!!!

Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations  that when they put something together for you that they will  be sitting with them at ball games, church or community events.  So, if in doubt give us a call.