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Financial Conversations with Fitz #43 - Congratulations to Thompson! - 12/08/2009

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I am visiting with you this morning from our brand new office in Thompson.   You can now enter off Hwy 9 or you can come in from the main street on the west side of the parking lot.   TSB acquired the Thompson location in 2001.    During 2001 TSB doubled in size with the purchase of the Forest City and Thompson branches.  The building was located downtown on Main Street.   The Thompson market has served us well.   That building started as a bank in 1950.   It had moved from across the street.  It served us and our customers well for 59 years.

If you don’t know where we are just take a look at the information sign that towers over the bank on the highway.   There is plenty of space to pull into the parking lot.    One of the biggest NEW features you will see is the DRIVE UP WINDOW.   You can do your banking from your vehicle if you like.   Drop box for evenings…..   As you enter the front door our first office is the Boyken Insurance office.    Then you can walk into Adam’s office.   The one thing that strikes me right away is how open and bright the entire building is.   ON the right hand side of the foyer is a beautiful waiting room to read or relax while you sit before you visit with your loan or insurance person.    Then on the right side you have Julie’s office at the end of the teller line.    What a neat layout and spacious teller line.   We have plenty of stations to take care of your many different needs you can serve at TSB bank in Thompson.   If you have been to Forest City office you will certainly feel at home here.   The layout and architect are the same.   We are so appreciative of out Thompson base of customers.   They now can be served before they leave one of their towns from work or stop on the way home.   If you are in a hurry you can run thru the drive up, drop off your work and head down Hwy 9.  Just a reminder of who we have here in Thompson:   Adam Lackore can handle your consumer, farm and commercial loans.   Julie Olson can handle just about anything you can throw at her, whether it is a new account, loan or any personal bank question.   She is backed up at the Teller line by Lindsey Squire or Kathy Robinson.   Lindsey has some more room to make our checks that she does so well.  Don’t take my word for it, stop in and do some banking in our new facility.  We have room for our regular long time customers and now for some new people.   We employees want to thank ownership and management for giving us such a nice place to serve our customer base in Thompson, Forest City or Titonka.   You can call any one of our offices and talk to someone to help you with investments, insurance, taxes and all facets of banking.

Call or stop in to see us if you have any questions in any of our three offices.  Be sure to stop in on Wednesday December 16th for treats and conversation at our Thompson new office for our customers and new customers from 9:00 to 4:00.  We had a great day on Friday at our Titonka and Forest City offices for open house.   Lots of good musical activities in our North Iowa community this weekend and next.   We had our Hospice of North Iowa Tree lighting tonight.   We also were going to have the SHIIP counselors coming to Forest City office on Wednesday, but because of the threatening weather we are moving all appointments to Friday.   We over filled so they are sending a second person for the morning.   So, if you haven’t called the Forest City office to get help with your Medicare Part D, you can still do so today.

Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations.  When you work with them, you know that you will also see them sitting with you at ball games, church or community events.  So, if in doubt give us a call.