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Financial Conversations with Fitz #41 - Adjusted cash flow time. - 11/16/2009

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Before I forget, since we only had one person sign up for SHIIP counselor about your Medicare Prescription Part D  we are still rescheduling for December 9th..    The counselor is coming from Des Moines, so couldn’t come up for one appt. Bring your spouse or one of your family members. If you missed  this week, you can also get in on December 9th.   If you have involvement with Medicare Part D, put this on your schedule. I was talking to one of my customers this weekend he realized he is in the “GAP” and that isn’t clothes.    He has to pay an additional $200 for one medicine monthly he didn’t know about.   So it is important , to know where you are at. Stay tuned for more information from TSB with press releases and information in any of our offices.   Do plan to make an appointment for yourself or your caretaker to come into TSB and visit with the experts from SHIIP.
 Beans are out except for wet spots……Corn is being piled waiting for LP gas.   Heard story of one LP truck waiting for 13 hours to get filled.     So do you get it out of the field and pile at home or wait at the elevator for room??????   It is also important to take a look at your cash flow.   Had one client deliver a normal $10,000 load of corn last week.   With moisture and weight his check is $8,100.   So for each $100k of corn you will deposit $81K.   So if you want to sit down and refigure how you want to harvest, store and deliver stop in to see us.   Fortunately with 200 bushel yields you do have more to deliver, but your take home price is going the amount for 162 bushels yield.   WE are fortunate we ended up with that great a yield.   You will have to factor in the risk of it going out of condition on your farm or taking the lesser net revenue at the elevator.   One thing about a check in your account it doesn’t shrink or go out of condition.   It also stops interest on an operating note. Give us a call.
Attended a FSA meeting in Garner last week with Ron Matz.   There are some new programs out there you might be interested in.   Be sure to ask about the next time you are in.   Doesn’t apply to everyone, but some new ideas on grain dryers and land purchases.
Going over to NIACC this week for a “Ask the Experts” conference and a program on “Can Customers Find you Online”?   IN this day and age one needs to get to these meetings to keep up with all the changes.
Questions call TSB at Forest City, Thompson, Titonka 
Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations that when they put something together for you that they will be sitting with them at ball games, church or community events. So, if in doubt give us a call.