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Google's Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page

One of the side effects of Google's indexing of the internet is that they come across various web based attacks and viruses from time to time. 

They have made available a page that users can query to see what kinds of malicious software that have been encountered during the indexing operations.  The Diagnostic Page will give information including the number of scripts, trojans, and worms that were found on a given domain as well as the originating domains of those exploits.

The Diagnostic Page can be called via a quick and easy URL formatted as<> .  Unfortunately, Google does not have a form or applet to just enter a domain name and generate the query.

The Diagnostic Page will return a status showing whether or not Google thinks that a site is suspicious, information on what (if any) malicious software or exploits have been found on a site, where those exploits that are found were hosted, and other information on the domain.

For example, we can look at the MySpace Diagnostic Page and see that although MySpace itself isn't listed as a suspicious site, there are some other sites that are using MySpace to distribute malicious software.