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Financial Conversations with Fitz #31 - Wrap Up Of Summer Vacation! - 08/18/2009

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Nice rain this weekend…heard amounts of half to one inch.   We could be getting some moisture from the Gulf area with some tropical storms brewing.   No hail again in our area.  The corn is looking good, but a little inconsistent in spots.  Degree days are at about 1,881…67%...Not that far off when you think about it.  With 30 days at 20 degree-day units, we should be at 2,500 on Sept. 18…Still need another 20 days before heavy frost…Had the same worries last year…Behind about as much as when we started.   Saw corn from Iowa City north…It all looks good except in the compacted wet areas from spring.  The report on the 12th wasn’t all that shocking.  Good crop found a couple of acres.  The price had probably reacted by then.  So how did everyone go with ACRE or DCP?  Or not in the program?  Boy, did you see the temperature for this week?  Low in the 50s and high in the 70s.  That won’t make up for lost time of degree days.  I hope everyone visited with their legislators this week or plans to next week.   Lots of excitement going on the political scene.  Keep your eyes open for a meeting.

Wow!!!  Most schools start this week.  Two weeks left in August.  Another opportunity to review your insurance coverage for those young people, whether they did go on to school or not.  If they live in a dorm, not much concern.   If they are living in an apartment, be sure to make a visit to Jeff and his crew this week in our insurance department to be clear on what is or what is not covered.  Renters’ Insurance a must in my book for apartment dwellers.  That is treated differently than living in the dorm.  It is low cost and helps families avoid loss if a disaster occurs.  There are also some areas of concern with auto insurance, based on residence.  Particularly if your family is spread out...Just be sure to know who is covered for which vehicle.  Be sure your young people know who can or can’t drive the car.  Overall it is a good time to review your insurance.   Don’t forget also that credit score can affect ability to obtain car insurance.  Also don’t forget that if you have children in school and you are still unemployed without insurance, visit with your principal of your child’s school about Hawk-i health insurance.   Final reminder on young people getting first credit card…Want to suggest they get one from their local bank to start out with.   You know the rate and the people as well as they know you.   Lots of changes coming up in the credit card world for minors.   Will cover in detail on our program as changes come.

Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations.  When you work with them, you know that you are working with people you will also see at ball games, church, or community events.  So, if in doubt give us a call.