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Financial Conversations with Fitz #27 - Things are fine in America... Just go to a fair - 07/13/2009

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It is summer!!!!   Storms, rain, and sunshine…. the whole bucket…..Corn and beans are growing.  A few areas with some ponding.    Great weekend of softball and fair!!!!   TSB was at the parade in Burt and Thompson…..Good turn outs at both locations.     Even did a breakfast in Bancroft to welcome back Fergie and Lois Ferguson for the weekend.   I was surrounded by the greats of Bancroft baseball.   I want to visit a bit about all the rumblings we hear once in a while from some people and the press and where we are headed in USA.  

If we listen to the young people in Winnebago County we are on a ‘Voyage of Greatness’.   This was the theme for the 4-H building in Thompson.   I tell you ….the Fair Board, Leaders, Extension Council , Val, Jamie, Katrina, and Carol all deserve a great deal of thanks for all their efforts in bringing out the best of our young people.   Every booth in the 4-H building was so well done.  The broad expanse of craft, woodworking, reports, sewing, and you name it our young people did it all.  The unique thing about looking at the finished product in the booth is only the tip of the iceberg for accomplishment.   The young people have to first of all come up with the idea, research it, create it, and complete it.    They also have to make a presentation of it several times to different groups.   The hardest is probably to friends and family.   By the time they get to the judge at the fair they have probably done the hard part.    I don’t know where or how  these young people find the time.   I see a lot of names on the signs that I also see at ball game rosters and church program teachers or park and rec workers.   Then we move across the grounds to the livestock buildings.   I see the different species of livestock that have the same name on them as the quilt or pillowcase or photograph over in the 4-H building.   These are the kind of people I want in my work force, school board, teacher or mentor in my  community.  We just saw a good article in our Summit of the group that was in 4-H 40 years ago that are our leaders and business people in our area today.    So in serving  the breakfast to the exhibitors and vendors this morning, I feel honored to be doing with such a neat group.   I also want to mention all the vendors that  support this local fair with their donations of money or in kind to many of the booths or groups.   We are currently at the ribbon auction to help reward these young people that are on their way to being great community people and Americans.  So if you want to feel good about our young people and your fellow community members get out to a fair in the next couple of weeks.  Hancock is July 22-26th and Kossuth is August 4-9th.  See you at the Fair!!!!
Where to go for help …..Your local banker.

Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations that when they put something together for you that they will be sitting with them at ball games, church or community events.  So, if in doubt give us a call.