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Financial Conversations with Fitz #25 - Proud to be an American - 06/30/2009

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The sun is out.   I think the corn did turn green and grow a bunch this week.     Degree days are over  104 degrees  in Kanawha.  We are only behind 13 at this point.  About 30%.  Nice party for Bob Behnkendorf on Friday night.   A lot of good years from Bob and Extension.   Hope the new program works out.

I want to switch gears for this week being it is the 4th of July.   “Proud to be an American” like the song says.  I am proud to be from North Iowa and an American.  Just think we made a major change in presidents this year and didn’t have a major riot or lots of destruction. 

Another great event was the Relay for Life on Friday night.  There were 18 teams with a goal of thousands.  “Campin Out to Stamp out Cancer”.   I camped out with Jamie Davidson team Party Lites.   Lots of clever ideas for camping with tents, barns and going green themes.   Going Green won the best camp.  Plenty of music and entertainment all night.  The Relay committee wrote a great script for the luminary ceremony.   It was fun to walk and talk.   I turned the activities over to the young people at 12:15.   My recovery power isn’t as good as it was when I was 22.   The next morning there were plenty of tired adults and both groups of young people as they rested their heads on the table waiting for the close after the closing ceremony at 6:00.   If you haven’t been on a team in the past try to join one next year.   It is lots of fun and all for a good cause.   

Attended an open house for Habitat for Humanity in Mason City on Thursday night.  A great organization that gets involved in all of our communities.   You should check out their ReStore Store sometime.   Lots of good items on sale. 

Our Community Cares Coalition is hosting another Resource Fair tomorrow afternoon from 1:00 to 4:00 at the YMCA in Forest City.   Lots of good vendors coming in with information for people that need help to stretch thru this economic downturn we are in.   We even have a person coming in from the state to give us first hand help on saving your house when your mortgage is in trouble.

If you haven’t been a volunteer yet this year be sure to help with some group before the year is over.  You will certainly help out someone and you will feel much better for it.  Lots of activities coming up in the next two months that will need your help.

Enjoy your week of the 4th.  Take time to celebrate with your family and friends close to home in thanksgiving for the great country we live in.

Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations that when they put something together for you that they will be sitting with them at ball games, church or community events.  So, if in doubt give us a call.