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Financial Conversations with Fitz #22 - TSB Web Site Tour - 06/09/2009

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It is spring/summer!!!!     Ground temp  59 degree.  Corn and beans are growing slowly.  Now we just need lots of sun to get some color (green) to the crops.

We had a good 17th annual Hospice of North Iowa Golf Open…It was held on Saturday, June 6, at the Bear Creek Golf Course in Forest City mostly in the light rain.   Finished up before the real heavy stuff.  Golfers are a hardy lot.  We had 15 out of 17 teams play plus one signed up at door.

A quick comment on the Septic Tank legislation new rules is that we are having an education meeting on Thursday morning at 8:00 with the realtors, lawyers, bankers and any other people that want to show up.   Will discuss a lot of items by the county recorders and sanitarians and some banking tips and questions.   The other is that if your septic tank does drain into ditch or creek you might as well save the inspection fee and plan and updating.   NO sense spending a couple of hundred dollars to be told it doesn’t meet specs because it drains into ditch.
This morning I want to tell people about the NEW TSB WEBSITE we have launched.  Just type and you are there.  You will be greeted by one of us on a surf board for this month.  We are announcing our summer program for raising money for the swimming pools in Thompson, Titonka and Forest City.   We had fun last Friday serving Root Beer Floats to all of our customers.  From our front page you can click and go to any information page about our products and services.  If you are new to TSB you might want to check out our history since 1916 and the Boyken family involvement.  If you are a customer you can sign on to your online banking section right away.  Right underneath that is our ‘Fun with Friends’ section.   A list of our trips coming up.  If you enjoy our listening section that we do with your radio station we have a section with the podcasts by topic of the more recent topics.  That way if you missed a phone number or web site you can go to this section to check it out.  You can go the different sections of products and services by speciality area whether it is Personal, Business or Agri-banking that you are interested in reviewing before you call us.  A good listing of each of our offices in Thompson, Titonka and Forest City with phone numbers and locations.  Of course we have our “TSB is Stepping UP” section.   That is our famous green converse tennis shoes that everyone is enjoying.  Heck I remember wearing those for basketball back in the 60’s.   Mine were white tho.   Man about $3.00 bucks for a pair…. On the front page you can also go to our section on Boyken Insurance agency with Jeff Carlton with his capable staff and our Investment center with Howard Peters our broker.

Where to go for help …..Local banker

Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations that when they put something together for you that they will be sitting with them at ball games, church or community events.  So, if in doubt give us a call.