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Financial Conversations with Fitz #17 - Insurance Thoughts and Boyken Insurance - 05/05/2009

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It is spring!!!!     Ground temp at 57 degrees.  Quite a bit of Corn is in the ground.   Could use a couple of days without rain.  Went to Living Green conference in St. Paul this weekend.

Want to announce some improvements to Boyken Insurance Agency schedule and review the agency today.   We have added agent coverage in the Forest City office.  We have six licensed agents totaling 115 years of experience.   Most of the time you will be working with Jeff Carlton, Sue Heyer, Marsha Watkins or Jim Fanzen.  Heck Allan still has his license.   We work all lines with different companies.  We pick that company that best fits the customer needs.  Whether it is personal, farm or commercial we have a company that will give you good protection for the money.  This is spring and that means water.  Ask our agents if you  have the right coverage for water damage…..whether it is back up or surface water….A lot of changes in the types of coverage for your basement after last summer in Iowa.

A few comments about our graduating seniors….  Rental cautions…..Get a lease….be careful of deposits and conditions to get yours back….If you are signing the lease and sublet to friends be sure you don’t get stuck without payments.  The same goes for you if you order the utilities….You are the only one liable no matter how many roommates you have…You will need to make a cash deposit for most utilities unless you get a letter of credit from your local bank.   Call us if we can help you with that.  I prefer to pay more attention of my coverage than to my premium. 

Renters Insurance, auto insurance and Health Insurance will need checking into for sure this month with a change in residence and classification of seniors from college or high school…Your status does certainly change.  Your place of residence with one or another of your parents or step parents.   Determine who the primary carrier is for you could depend on which household you are part of.  There is a difference if you live in a dorm or if you live in an apartment….Rental insurance is quite inexpensive for young people. Check with our insurance department to be sure you are covered under your policy or if your new apt dweller should have their own.

BE SURE TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT WITH one of our insurance staff.

Boyken Insurance can be found on the web at

Remember that you should deal with people in community banks and organizations that when they put something together for you that they will be sitting with them at ball games, church or community events.  So, if in doubt give us a call.