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Heartland Payment Systems Debit Card/Credit Card Security Breach


As you have no doubt heard in the news, Heartland Payment Systems of New Jersey has had a security breach resulting in the potential compromise of credit and debit card information for millions of accounts nationwide.  This security breach lasted from May through November of 2008. 

As a payment processor, Heartland Payment Systems has no information beyond what is on the cards – the card number, the cardholder’s name, expiration date, “magnetic stripe data,” and the verification number from the back of the card.  This is the information that is required to generate a counterfeit card – but it is not information that provides any other access to any accounts.  The compromised information did NOT contain Social Security numbers, personal identification numbers (PIN), addresses, telephone numbers or bank account numbers of cardholders.

TSB Bank, along with many other banks in our area, has received notice that some of its debit cardholders and some of its creditcard holders may have had some of the information on their TSB credit card or TSB debit card compromised – which is not surprising given the sheer number of transactions that Heartland Payment Systems processed. 

TSB Bank recommends that all cardholders monitor their card and bank statements and immediately report all suspicious activity to the bank. 

"Our customers should know that per our standard practice, we are contacting all affected cardholders as we become aware that their individual cards may have been potentially compromised, issuing new cards at no cost to our customers, and will, as soon as possible and convenient for our customers, 'hot card' (which means that we make the card immediately inactive on either the MasterCard or Visa network) their potentially compromised card" stated Allan Boyken, TSB Bank President.

TSB Bank employs several fraud monitoring programs to proactively protect our cardholders.  In addition, all TSB Bank customers are protected by the services of ID Theft 911 should their identity be compromised regardless of the source of the compromise. 

Please keep in mind that TSB Bank was not compromised.  TSB Bank Account information was not compromised. The Shazam network and their information was not compromised.

Any customers who have questions are encouraged to contact TSB at:

515-928-2142 in Titonka
641-585-3247 in Forest City
641-584-2275 in Thompson