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Check Reorder FAQ

TSB is no longer printing in-house checks and is offering Main Street Checks exclusively.  If you have any questions, please call one of our Customer Service Representatives.

Main Street Check Reorder FAQ

Main Street Checks?

In October, 2010, TSB began to offer checks from Main Street Checks to our customers as an alternative to the in-house produced checks.

Can I do my initial check order through the website?

No.  In order to order Main Street Checks via the website, you will need the Control Number listed on the check reorder form from your initial or previous Main Street Checks order.

What information is required?

In order to reorder checks through the website, you will need the Control Number, TSB's Routing Number (073918844), and the last 4 digits of your TSB account number.  All of this information can be found on the reorder slip that came with your previous check order.

There is an error on my order, what can I do?

Please contact a TSB Bank branch.  Bank staff can order replacement checks if there is an error in the order.

Why can't I reorder my checks yet?

As part of our efforts to reduce identity theft, the Main Street Checks website prevents users from reordering checks too soon after the last order was made.  If you cannot reorder checks online because it is too soon, call any TSB branch for assistance.

Can I make changes to the checks when I reorder?

Yes.  Each screen in the reorder process does allow the user to make the appropriate changes to their check order (everything from the check style to the woodcut).