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TSB is Steppin' Up

TSB is proud and happy to find many ways in which we can be a part of our communities - by our involvement as well as our financial assistance.

TSB employees began a program in 2007 called “Steppin’ Up for Our Communities.” The name came about as a result of our desire to help others in our communities and we wanted to do this in a fun way. We started by purchasing bright green hi top Converse tennis shoes for each of our employees which we wear for “special” occasions. Our shoes are a symbol of our desire to “step up” for our communities and to show our “sole” for our commitment to help others.
Our first partnership was with Hospice of North Iowa, chosen because of the connection the program has with so many of us in each of our communities and the reputation it has for being a warm, caring organization. TSB sponsored the annual Hospice Golf Tournament in the spring, hosted bake sales in each of our offices, had employee Jeans Day and collected donations to give to our local Hospice chapters. Through our efforts and with the support of our customers and friends, we raised over $12,000 for Hospice in 2007.
In 2008 we partnered with our Middle Schools. Besides having another successful bake sale, our employees hosted a Christmas in July event in each of our locations and had Christmas trees bearing tags with items our customers could purchase for school children and teachers. The response was overwhelming and we were happy to be able to provide our schools with arm loads of school supplies and several hundred dollars in cash contributed from our customers, friends, and employees.

In 2009, we supported our local swimming pools by having bake sales, jeans days, root beer float days and pool parties.  With the donations from customers and employees, TSB raised over $4,700.

In 2010 we helped out the Ambulance Service in each of our communities, raising nearly $4,000.

In 2011, we helped out our local Fire Departments, TSB raised approximately $5,900!

For 2012, we Stepped Up for our local Libraries! So Far TSB has nearly raised $8,800. 

The TSB employees have been Steppin’ Up for our local Fire Departments in 2013 with the hosting of waffle dinners, bake sales, jeans days, and assisting with pancake dinners. Over $9,000 was raised with part of the donation coming from the offices by way of matching funds. The amount raised in each community was:

                                      $2,624.40 TOTAL for the Titonka Fire Dept!
                                      $2,634.45 TOTAL for FC Fire
                                      $3,754.26 TOTAL for Thompson Fire Dept!