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TSB Bank - 1955 Remodel

In September of 1954, contracts were let for expansion into the Earl Stott building, immediately to the North of the Titonka Savings Bank. John B. Isebrand, A.L. Honken, and Loren Williamson, were the primary contractors for the project. One major improvement was a new vault with a modern, Diebold vault door. The total cost of the project was about $22,000.00. Open house for the new facility was held on Saturday, April 23rd, 1955.

Front of the 1955 TSB Bank taken from Main Street
Front of the 1955 Bank taken from Main Street. The old front can be seen to the left (south) of the new front. The front of the older part of the bank was occupied by Doctor Lesiak until 1983. The building to the right of the bank was occupied by the Titonka Savings Bank during a later remodeling project.

TSB Bank Lobby after the 1955 remodel
This is the lobby of the bank as seen from the entryway. The new Diebold vault can be seen at the center of the picture along the back wall.

1955 TSB Bank Lobby
This is a picture of the bank from near the vault looking towards Main Street. On the right is the Burroughs posting machine which was used to track account balances in the days before computers came to the bank.